Cannot create windows service for MySQL ERROR 0

So if you are reading this post then most likely you come across this MySQL error Cannot create windows service for MySQL while installing MySQL server on you PC.

Why the Problem occurred?

The MYSQL did not installed on your PC correctly. The remains of MYSQL files are still in your directory and it did not fully removed from you PC after uninstalling the program too, so due to this the configuration wizard of MYSQL cannot create a new MYSQL service so we need to remove that remaining files of MYSQL from our PC and our problem will be resolved. Don’t worry I’ll teach you how to solve this error step by step. Just follow me and this error will be no more.

STEP-1 :- First you need to uninstall the MYSQL server which you have install now. So for that go to Control Panel > Program and Features > and list of all the software’s that are installed on your PC will appear. Select MySQL server and click uninstall.


STEP-2 :- After uninstalling the program go to C drive > Program files > and then from the views section in the Menu Bar just just check the hidden items box so that you can see all the hidden files in the directory.


STEP-4 :- After check the hidden items box search for MySql folder in the Program Files. You will see a MySQL folder just delete the folder.


STEP-5 :- That’s it. Try Reinstalling the Program again now hopefully there will be no error and you program must be installed successfully.



Video Solution to this error

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