Elementary Computer Application

Welcome to your Quiz on Elementary Computer Application PART-III

1.) What device is used for entering x-y co-ordinates ?

2.) Which of the following is widely used in academic testing ?

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3.) Unwanted repetitions message, such as unsolicited bulk e-mail is known as -

4.) Which Operating System is developed and used by Apple Inc. ?

5.) A half byte is known as -

6.) Bluetooth, Infrared and Wi-Fi are examples of -

7.) A _____ converts digital signals to analog and vice-versa.

8.) Optical fiber is a networking medium that uses _____ to send data.

9.) Twisted pair and coaxial cables are ____.

10.) _____ is an abbreviation for wireless-fidelity known as 802.11 wireless network.

11.) The functions of an operating system involves managing ______.

12.) _____ is an example of a Character User Interface.

13.) ______ operating system is described as India's own PC operating system.

14.) This type of operating system is also called Multi-program operating system-

15.) MAC stands for _____ .

16.) Which of the following is a version of Android Operating System

17.) _____ is used to start programs, obtain help, search for files and folders etc.

18.) There are two types of Calculator in Windows :- One is Standard Calculator and the second is _________ Calculator.

19.) In WordPad, you can not set _______ alignment.

20.) _______ is a basic text editor used to create and edit files with very less formatting facilities.

21.) A Window is reduced to an icon on the taskbar when you click ______ button

22.) You can look for files and folders by clicking ______ option on the start menu.

23.) The background of the Desktop can be changed by double clicking on _____ icon.

24.) If you leave the computer idle for sometime the ______ appears.

25.) The combination of commands used for moving a folder from one place to other on the disk is -

26.) You can print a picture in paint by selecting a command in _____ menu.

27.) What language does the computer work ?

28.) The main page of website -

29.) To find text in a Document is used-

30.) Which of the following is not a Browser ?

31.) The operating system runs more then one application at a time is called _____ technique.

32.) What is Windows 7 ?

33.) Which of an application software ?

34.) Which of the following protocols is use to file transfer on internet ?

35.) HTML is used -

36.) The internet is use to-

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