MCQ's on Array using C Language

Welcome to your MCQ's on Array using C Language

1.) An Array is a collection of -

2.) Array elements are stored in -

3.) A character array is always ends with -

4.) If you declare array without static the elements it will be set to -

5.) Arrays cannot be intialized if they are -

6.) All the elements in the array must be -

7.) What will be the output of the following program -

int main(){
int a1[5] = {1};
int b=0, k=0;
print("%3d", ++a1[0]);
return 0;

8.) How many integer values can the array N[5][5] store?

9.) What index value should be used to access the last element of the integer array N[10]?

10.) The process of creating a fixed-sized array be allocating memory space at compile time is called __________ .

11.) An array N[3] = {1,2,3} has been declared and intialized in a C program. What will be the output of the folling statement - printf("%d", N[3]);

12.) It is required to store the names of five students. Which of the following array declaration statements can be used for this?

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13.) An array ARR[5][20] has been declared. What will be the output of the following statement? printf("%d", sizeof(ARR));

14.) The variable used as a subscript in an array is probably known as _______ variable.

15.) An array can be initialized -

16.) Array name -

17.) One dimentional array is known as -

18.) Array subscript in C always start at -

19.) Maximum number of elements in the array declaration int x[15] is -

20.) What are the types of arrays?

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